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Relieving Your Pet’s Arthritis

Your energetic pup that was once able to run, jump, and trot with ease seems burdened or not as agile as they once were. Naturally, as our beloved pets age they will not have the same energy they once had as a pup, but be on the lookout for slowdowns that seem unnatural. Like with people, a difficulty your pet may experience due to aging is the development of arthritis Can Dogs Get Arthritis? The simple answer is yes. Canine arthritis is the very same that people suffer from as well. Canine osteoarthritis (OA)—the most common form of arthritis, is the sum total of a combination of factors such as how your dog is built, their weight, joint development, and...

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Dr. Rose’s Gentle Earth Pets Tooth Brushing Instructions:

Make the experience fun, go slow and let your pet taste the Gentle Earth Toothpaste first, this will let him or her realize the taste will be pleasant tasting. Using the wooden spoon provided take a small amount from the jar. Use the straight part of handle for small dogs as they require less paste. Place a good amount of the toothpaste to the brush (but not a big glob). Pick up the lip grading the jowl with thumb and index finger, use the hairs to help lift the lip up. Brush the canine tooth first then move to the back towards the molars going under the corner of the top and bottom lip. Then repeat on opposite side Finish...

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Tips for Soothing Your Dog’s Anxiety

The reason we love our pets is because they are so full of pure emotion from moment to moment. Unfortunately, sometimes that means they will feel anxious about doing certain things or allowing you to do things that are good for them such as brushing their teeth. To know how to help your dog calm down when they’re feeling stressed or anxious, it helps to understand the different causes of dog anxiety. The Different Types of Anxiety for Dogs Anxiety can have many different root causes and it’s important to remember that dogs are like people in that certain dogs may be more anxiety prone than others simply by nature. The most common reason your dog may experience anxiety is...

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What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs and What to Do

Our beloved pets offer so much in our lives—the joyous laughs, the smiles, and even the times when they’ve been very uncooperative. However, there may come a time when your adorable pet leans in to give you a dog kiss and their breath could knock out an elephant! In both the human world and the doggy world, nothing gets in the way of a good relationship quite like bad breath. This article seeks to examine what are some of the common causes of bad breath in your dog and what you can do about it. Let’s dive in! What are the Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs Bad dog breath, much like in people, is typically a sign of a...

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How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Using Healthy Toothpaste

Our dog toothbrushes are a great way to brush your dogs teeth with the fine all natural wood handles and soft bristles that will be true to our name—gentle on your dog’s gums. There’s just one problem, they won’t let you brush their teeth without a fight! We’ve come across this problem plenty ourselves, and are here to offer you some tips and strategies for getting your dog to let you brush their teeth. Timing is Everything for Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth Picking a relaxing time to brush your dog’s teeth is crucial. Getting a dog to sit still can be difficult, them allowing you to go into their mouth and poke around is even more so. Naturally, picking a...

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