Dr. Rose’s Gentle Earth Pets Tooth Brushing Instructions:

Dr. Rose’s Gentle Earth Pets Tooth Brushing Instructions:

Make the experience fun, go slow and let your pet taste the Gentle Earth Toothpaste first, this will let him or her realize the taste will be pleasant tasting.

Using the wooden spoon provided take a small amount from the jar. Use the straight part of handle for small dogs as they require less paste.

Place a good amount of the toothpaste to the brush (but not a big glob). Pick up the lip grading the jowl with thumb and index finger, use the hairs to help lift the lip up. Brush the canine tooth first then move to the back towards the molars going under the corner of the top and bottom lip.

Then repeat on opposite side

Finish up by brushing the front incisors.

Brush for 4-6 strokes very softly as to not irritate the gums.

The cleansing action occurs as the toothpaste remains on the gums for 5 minutes. Therefore it is important to withhold food and water at the time of brushing.


  1. Lift up lip and hold on to the jowl, brush upper then lower molars and premolars. then brush opposite side. Finish up with brushing the front incisors upper and lower. Avoid food and water for 5 min before and after to allow the cleansing action of the toothpaste to take effect. 
  1. Start brushing at 8 weeks of age 3 times a week
  1. If you need to calm your pet , brush after exercising or give our delicious calming  treat 15 min before brushing . Once your pet notices the toothpaste has a desirable taste he or she will not resist brushing.
  1. Try to brush 3-4 times a week to maintain a fresh tartar free mouth. This will help to avoid professional dental cleanings. If cleaning is required, start brushing before the dentistry and continue after the professional cleaning to avoid frequent trips to the veterinary dentist.
  2. Health problems caused by dental disease are a concern. Cardiac disease may be cause by bacteria entering the blood stream and causing heart disease. Overgrowth of gum tissue may be exacerbated by dental disease which in turn will cause decay of the tooth under the overgrown gum.
  3. Hard bones like femur bone or deer antlers may cause sheering fractures of the sides of molars when large breed dogs try to clampdown and crack the bones in half. This can also occur with ice cubes if not used just to lick over the water. This is digger net for all dogs a pit bull like dog will want to chump down hard but a little Maltese will just try to scrap the side of the bone this will help with salivation and bring more enzymes to the mouth for digestion and dental health. Observe the behavior of the dog and make a proper choice to ovoid or offer the bone to your pet.
  4. Lastly, our Calming Treat can be used before brushing, to relax your pet and make the experience pleasant. They are also helpful for thunder storms or riding in the car . Offer a calming treat 10-15 min before beginning to brush.


Why Brush Your Dogs Teeth?

Dr. Rose’s Gentle Earth Toothpaste was created 8 years ago in response to a request by Dr Rosemary Manziano’s clients (Holistic Veterinarian in Colts Neck , NJ)  for a healthy and natural dental paste.  This toothpaste is in a class jar to prevent absorption of plastic into the all-natural paste.

The clay base is a natural absorbent which helps to pull the tartar forming food waste from the gums and reduces gum swelling and redness.  Gentle Earth Toothpaste is unique in it has in it natural vitamins that will help maintain gum health

and heart health such as Bentonite clay used to detoxify and the amino acid taurine for cardiovascular health.  It is rich in B Vitamins for healthy skin and coat, diatomaceous earth to reduce worms in the gut and aids in digestion.  As well as other plaque fighting ingredients that are all natural.  This toothpaste is healthy for your pet and the planet!