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Relieving Your Pet’s Arthritis

Your energetic pup that was once able to run, jump, and trot with ease seems burdened or not as agile as they once were. Naturally, as our beloved pets age they will not have the same energy they once had as a pup, but be on the lookout for slowdowns that seem unnatural. Like with people, a difficulty your pet may experience due to aging is the development of arthritis

Can Dogs Get Arthritis?

The simple answer is yes.

Canine arthritis is the very same that people suffer from as well. Canine osteoarthritis (OA)—the most common form of arthritis, is the sum total of a combination of factors such as how your dog is built, their weight, joint development, and history of injuries. Nutrition also plays a big role in these factors as well.

Osteoarthritis can be defined as the inflammation and degeneration of a joint or many joints in your dog’s body which can lead to pain, swelling, and stiffness. It occurs when cartilage that is protecting bones in your joints begins to erode or have eroded greatly. This can cause grinding or rubbing of bone and consequently pain and swelling. Cartilage does not receive nerve signals, so cartilage can be worn greatly before any symptoms even appear.

What are Some Signs My Pet May Have Arthritis?

If your pet is getting older you can expect them to be a bit slower than they used to be. However, one of the major signs of arthritis are physical difficulties that are not relative to your dog’s age.

  • Stiffness of movement
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Lethargy or unwillingness to run, jump, or play around
  • Loss of muscle mass and/or weight gain

Gaining weight will only increase your pet’s discomfort due to arthritis. Unfortunately, arthritis will slow your pet’s activities down making them more prone to weight gain in the first place, this can be a vicious cycle.

How Can I Help Relieve My Pet’s Arthritis?

Arthritis has no known cure. It is a condition (or group of conditions) that must be mitigated from getting worse. The longer you wait, the worse the situation becomes. A large part of rehab for arthritis is focused on retaining current function and helping your pet stay out of pain through natural means.

This can mean:

  • Frequent exercise to stay limber—at your pet’s pace. A walk every day is better than long walks every other day
  • Doing everything possible to keep your dog from becoming overweight. Weight management is critical to pain management.
  • Various physical therapies such as muscle massages for blood flow and relief, acupuncture, laser therapy, etc.
  • Make quality of life arrangements in your home such as soft padding in areas that your dog must step down from such as the couch, bed, etc.
  • Canine joint supplements

Natural Dog Arthritis Joint Supplement

While there are many mitigating strategies that can be used to make your pet more comfortable and relieve them from their arthritic pains, one of the best ways to both prevent and manage current arthritis is to use a supplement that is conducive to protecting remaining cartilage.

Gentle Earth Pets Hip & Joint supplement contains a combination of scientifically backed joint agents which show promise in supporting arthritis management.

Our chews contain MSM, Chondroiten, and Glucosamine which have had many advocates supporting that it has helped their pet’s mobility and joint integrity.

  • MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic (which means pain reducing) compound. It can be found in small quantities in natural items such as milk, fruits, and vegetables, etc. It has been used for several used in the treatment and management of arthritis in pets/larger animals.
  • Glucosamine and Chondroiten are typically found together. The combination protects cells called chondrocytes that are responsible for maintaining the structure of cartilage. Experts have looked to these two natural compounds and MSM as a holistic combination for treating arthritis in animals.

At Gentle Earth Pets we have a profound love for our furry friends, they are with us always. This was the impetus for us developing our products. Our Hip & Joint chews delivers these beneficial compounds in a tasty chew that feels more like a treat than medicine! Best of all, it is an all-natural supplement only including compounds that are found in nature.

For more information on our products or your order, please contact us today! We love to hear from our customers and fellow pet lovers.