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About Us

Dr. Rosemary Manziano DVM, CAC comes from a family of veterinarians. She is a graduate of the University of Pisa, Veterinary Medical School in Pisa, Italy (1987). During her time in Europe, Rosemary resided in Holland assisting in the treatment of large animals. Upon returning to the United States, she completed the last two years of Veterinary School at the University of Missouri and then went on to the Animal Medical Center in New York City for additional training.

Dr. Manziano began her study of Homeopathy in the spring of 1997. Rosemary’s zeal to heal her patients naturally has brought her to India and South America attending courses in Homeopathy and Herbal medicine. She continues her education in Advanced Homeopathic practice today. Dr. Manziano offers Animal Chiropractic services to her patients as well as Cold Laser Therapy and acupuncture for animals.

Giving Back

Dr. Rose's Gentle Earth will donate a portion of our proceeds to Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit that was created in Thailand to provide a humane solution to managing the stray population, provide medical needs and educate the culturally effected Asian population on the cruelties of the meat trade. We believe their efforts to educate will plant the seeds of compassion and help bring an end to needless suffering.
Thanks to the overwhelming support of the Soi Dog Foundation, the meat trade has been almost completely wiped out in Thailand and they continue to campaign for an end to the trade in other Southeast Asian countries where it is prevalent.
Soi Dog Foundation is partnered with dog rescue organizations in the United States. Supporting the Soi Dog Foundation is our way of contributing to the solution to create a greener earth and bring back balance to our precious ecosystem.

Click here to donate to Soi Dog Foundation

Mission Statement

Dr. Rosemary has worked hard with her team to produce a product that is natural and made with earth friendly glass bottle and cork. This toothpaste is natural and has many vitamins such as Taurine, an essential amino acid needed to maintain heart health and immune system function normally not found in pet vitamins .
She hopes to one day have all the products in sustainable packaging. For now, the vitamin supplements are in recyclable plastic jars but one day will be in a paper /wax packaging that is solar degradable.
The Dream is to one day open a center for rescue animals small and large where people can come to be with nature.
We will offer organic food that we will grow in green houses, a cafe to relax with music that will lift you up and make you smile. Children will be able to come visit and be with animals and nature, learning to respect these beautiful souls and the earth we love.


Truffles & Blue, both Newfoundland rescue’s, absolutely love Dr. Rose’s “Pooch Paste!” While one is getting their teeth brushed, the other is trying to lick it. Thank you for this amazing product!"

- Pat Reingle

"I have always been resistant to the idea of brushing a dog’s teeth. It seems beyond my scope of duty to my dog’s care. But, Dr Manziano made the valid point that if the dog’s teeth were brushed it would avoid the need for a “dental” appointment, which involves giving the dog anesthesia and can be very costly.

After she demonstrated the technique, I bought Dr Rose’s Gentle Earth Toothpaste. I started doing the dreaded job. It actually went very well! It only takes a few seconds for a quick brushing on each side. I did it daily for a month to start and now have tapered to three days a week, M-W-F.

I brush and comb Mocha (standard poodle) every day after our walk in the woods. I started doing this because I needed to look for ticks. The grooming takes about 5 minutes, I added the teeth brushing to the end of that routine and she loves the taste of Dr Rose’s edible toothpaste."

- Easy brushing of mocha's teeth


1. When Can I start brushing my dog's teeth?
Start at 8-10 weeks of age. This will prepare your puppy for brushing three times a week when all the permanent teeth have come in at six months of age.

2. Do I have to brush the inside surface of the teeth because my dog will not open his or her mouth?
Brush as best you can. If you can't get into the tongue surface of the teeth, don't worry, the clay in the toothpaste will pull the bacteria from all the surfaces.

3. My dog has tartar on the teeth, will your toothpaste help to remove it ?
Yes, this toothpaste will help the gums to be healthier and the tartar to begin to crumble off. Note, it is important to brush and keep your pet away from water and food for 15 minutes before and after brushing. If there is heavy tartar buildup it is best to brush at least two times a day for at least one month. Some pets will need a proper professional cleaning but after the cleaning brush 3 times a week and avoid frequent dental cleanings

4. Will it prevent the need for yearly dental procedures?
Sometimes it will help if the tooth decay is not too advanced. It will help to maintain gum health for a long time, however, if you start dental hygiene at a very young age, the teeth most likely will remain sound and pearly white.

5. How long will it take to see results?
If your pet has red gums that are swollen and painful, brushing lightly with the soft brush two times a day for two weeks should improve gum health. Continue once a day for two more weeks and the tartar should begin to chip off. Extremely decayed teeth may need to be professionally removed.

6. How often should I brush?
As per label instructions, brushing three times a week (M-W-F) for daily hygiene is sufficient. For teeth already covered in plaque, this situation may require professional dental cleaning with anesthesia or in some cases without anesthesia.

Lastly, please note: if the gums continue to remain red and swollen please consult your veterinarian.