Mission Statement – Gentle Earth Pets

Mission Statement

Dr. Rosemary has worked hard with her team to produce a product that is natural and made with earth friendly glass bottle and cork. This toothpaste is natural and has many vitamins such as Taurine, an essential amino acid needed to maintain heart health and immune system function normally not found in pet vitamins .
She hopes to one day have all the products in sustainable packaging. For now, the vitamin supplements are in recyclable plastic jars but one day will be in a paper /wax packaging that is solar degradable.
The Dream is to one day open a center for rescue animals small and large where people can come to be with nature.
We will offer organic food that we will grow in green houses, a cafe to relax with music that will lift you up and make you smile. Children will be able to come visit and be with animals and nature, learning to respect these beautiful souls and the earth we love.