Testimonials – Gentle Earth Pets


Truffles & Blue, both Newfoundland rescue’s, absolutely love Dr. Rose’s “Pooch Paste!” While one is getting their teeth brushed, the other is trying to lick it. Thank you for this amazing product!"

- Pat Reingle

"I have always been resistant to the idea of brushing a dog’s teeth. It seems beyond my scope of duty to my dog’s care. But, Dr Manziano made the valid point that if the dog’s teeth were brushed it would avoid the need for a “dental” appointment, which involves giving the dog anesthesia and can be very costly.

After she demonstrated the technique, I bought Dr Rose’s Gentle Earth Toothpaste. I started doing the dreaded job. It actually went very well! It only takes a few seconds for a quick brushing on each side. I did it daily for a month to start and now have tapered to three days a week, M-W-F.

I brush and comb Mocha (standard poodle) every day after our walk in the woods. I started doing this because I needed to look for ticks. The grooming takes about 5 minutes, I added the teeth brushing to the end of that routine and she loves the taste of Dr Rose’s edible toothpaste."

- Easy brushing of mocha's teeth