At Gentle Earth Pets, we consistently stress the importance of dog oral care through brushing their teeth with an all-natural dog toothpaste that can support their oral health and overall health. Today we’ll be discussing 3 serious consequences for ignoring this important facet of caring for your pet and how it can affect them.

#1 – Gum Disease in Dogs Affects Their Immune System

Periodontal disease is very bad regardless of whether it is a person experiencing it or a dog. Gum disease causes tremendous inflammation in your pet’s mouth and can cause a cascade of negative effects due to the inflammatory response it creates. Because of the inflammation and infection of tissues in the area, your dog’s immune system is constantly working to keep the gum disease at bay, leaving it less equipped to deal with other issues that may arise.

However, like many conditions that trigger the immune system, the prolonged immune system response also causes problems of its own. Tissue destruction and gum recession are the most notable consequences of gum disease, as well as chronic pain.

When gum disease becomes increasingly severe, the more likely it is that bacteria will be carried off to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and cause damage—thus causing overall damage to health and wellbeing.

#2 – Tooth Infections Result in Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the greatest negative factors on quality of life. It can affect everything from sleep to appetite to mood. When a person is in pain chronically, they will voice it and try to assess what the issue is and what can be done.

Your dog, however, cannot do such things. They have no concept of diagnosing a problem, and so they’ll simply live with it without their owner being the wiser. It isn’t until pain your pet is experiencing becomes serious/severe that they will display more overt signs of suffering.

Many dogs suffer from oral or dental issues that, while not quite severe yet, greatly impact their mood and quality of life. An infected tooth can lead to a host of issues and is also a parallel symptom to periodontal disease.

These dental problems do not become apparent as your dog will simply work around the affected tooth/teeth, and so appetite is not always a good indicator that your pup is feeling his or her best.

#3 – Dog Dental Disease is Strongly Correlated with Heart Disease

A study published in 2009 by Glickman et al., found significant correlations between the severity of periodontal disease in canines and the risk of cardiovascular-related conditions. Conditions that were cited as possible developments are endocarditis and cardiomyopathy. The study goes on to state that the chronic inflammation caused by gum disease greatly contributes to disease throughout the body.

Dog Oral Care With Our All Natural Dog Toothpaste

We go to great lengths to discuss the perils of periodontal disease in dogs because we know that a simple dog oral care routine of just a few minutes per day can save your pet from illness and suffering.

At Gentle Earth Pets, we know that many dogs are not fond of having their teeth brushed, and so went to task at developing a delicious, all-natural dog toothpaste that your furry pal will see as a treat rather than a chore!

Fighting the build up of plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth has never been easier, or more beneficial to your pet’s health.

Using a combination of ingredients proven over hundreds of years to be effective holistic remedies, our all-natural vegan dog toothpaste will contribute to healthy gums and a healthy body.

For any inquiries, contact Gentle Earth Pets today. We look forward to hearing from you!