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I am so happy I found Dr. Rose’s Gentle Earth toothpaste for my dog. Charlie is 13 and had to have surgery to extract teeth due to plaque run amok. I tried other things before, drops in his water, dental treats and other toothpastes. After brushing his teeth for about 3 months approximately 5 times per week, I have noticed that his plaque is just about non-existent. If I can avoid the cost and the trauma of having his teeth removed, I will gladly brush his teeth before bed. Plus, he actually looks forward to it and likes the minty taste!

Lisa B., Asbury Park, NJ

Truffles & Blue, both Newfoundland rescue’s, absolutely love Dr. Manziano “Pooch Paste!” While one is getting their teeth brushed, the other is trying to lick it. Thank you for this amazing product!”

Pat Reingle

Good morning Dr. Rose, Well, you are correct. Your toothpaste works and is the best I have ever used…and I have bought just about every toothpaste on the market. I supply shear in between their lip and gums. Every few days I put organic coconut oil on a cotton pad and wipe the tartar off. After using one container the tartar is actually coming off in chunks…not to mention my boys breath smells great when cuddling. Both my babies teeth are much improved. I so appreciate your product since due to health issues and old age I will not chance having their teeth cleaned by the vet. I just ordered two more and will always have a back up on hand in case we have another shutdown, God forbid. Thank you for your product and dedication to help our pups. I appreciate you Dr. Rose.

June S.
A happy dog with a container of Gentle earth dog toothpaste

It’s easy to forget things like brushing your dog’s teeth

Don’t worry we got you covered!

Gentle Earth Doggy Toothpaste




Dr. Rose's Gentle Earth Pets all natural toothbrush
  • Daily oral care 3 to 5 times a week.
  • No food or water 5 minutesbefore and after brushing.
  • Use the spoon to scoop out the paste(this will help maintain freshness).

PUPPIES: Start by introducing the dry brush to your dog. Add in a treat, right after brushing, to make it a joyful experience. You can also use Dr. Rose’s Calming Treat, 20 minutes before brushing. The next time you brush their teeth use some toothpaste. Make the process fun and quick and over time it will become a habit and a part of your pet’s daily routine.

ADULT DOGS: If you are starting with tartar build-up:
Brush twice daily for 2 weeks followed by once daily for 2 weeks then go to the Daily Maintenance schedule.

Brush 3 times a week

Daily Dental Guide:
Do’s and Dont’s


– Giving your dog marrow bones and deer antlers (which are extremely hard) can be harmful to certain dogs. Some large breed dogs will try to chew the bone by clamping down hard with their jaw (the masseter muscle, jaw muscle is the strongest muscle in the body). That can sometimes cause them to fracture the molar (shearing fracture of the side of the tooth) which subsequently may decay over time.

– We know that every dog loves to chew on tennis balls. Unfortunately, their teeth are not strong enough to withstand the file-like action of chewing one. Let’s be clear tennis balls were created for the tennis court, not your pet’s mouth. Veterinarians can always tell if a pet has been playing with tennis balls because all the front teeth are worn down to the gum line (the pulp is usually exposed).

– Do not give your dog ice cubes, those are as hard as any bone.


– Brush your dog’s teeth 3-5 times a week.

– Offer your dog chews like dried yams, Kong toys, rubber toys, and carrots (a few times a week, not daily).

– The chewing action will help keep the molars clean but the front incisors and canines will not reap the benefits, that’s where brushing will complete the total dental care for years to come.


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