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Gentle Earth is proud of our vegan dog toothpaste. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing our customer’s beloved pets lap up our brush free dog toothpaste. Gentle Earth is committed to creating products that are designed to optimize your pet’s health using only natural ingredients to follow a holistic approach to pet healthcare and grooming.

Your Dog’s Oral Care is Important

Our vegan dog toothpaste is designed with your dog’s oral care in mind. Oral care in dogs is overlooked as a critical aspect of their health and wellness. Just like with humans, when oral care suffers, the entire body’s immune system can suffer as it is constantly dealing with bacteria and eventually rot from the first point of entry.

Sadly, many well-intentioned pet owners are influenced by common myths such as dogs not needing brushing or much oral care. Because of this, oral care for pets is viewed with a kind of “extra credit” status—meaning it’s good if you do it, but not necessary.

Oral care IS necessary for pets just as it is necessary for people.

Chew toys have long been used as a way to keep your pet’s boredom at bay so they don’t resort to doing bad things around your home, but they’re also seen as a way to keep your pets teeth clean. We touched on this topic when discussing whether or not dental treats had any merit in an effective oral care routine for your pet.

Chew toys are much different than dental chews in that many times they are much larger and tougher than regular chews aimed at dental care are. Not all chew toys are created equal, some are actually bad for your dog’s teeth and can even damage them due to their innate toughness or physical characteristics. Let’s take a look at a few chew toys you should think twice about giving your pet to chomp on.

#1 – Bones

Giving a dog a bone is one of those historic associations just about everyone has seen and knows of. It is an almost cartoonish image of seeing a dog in a bright red doghouse behind the white picket fence of a home gnawing on a bone with fervent interest.

Yet bones are also a dental risk due to their hardness. Because dogs love them so much, they may attack them with such intensity that they could chip or crack a tooth. When it comes to bones, it is a case by case basis. Some bones are soft enough to be a great chew toy and treat, but sometimes a bone can be unexpectedly hard.

One of the primary issues with doggy dental care is that, like with most issues, your pet may fail to alert you of the pain they are experiencing until it is severe.

#2 – Tennis Balls as Chew Toys

The simple ball is perhaps the greatest toy invention to date. Children are captivated by them; dogs’ eyes go wide when they see their owner reach for one, grown adults get paid millions of dollars a year just for being good at running, jumping, and throwing a ball.

They’re also one of the most easily accessible, go-to toys to keep your dog busy with. You would never think the humble tennis ball was a dental threat, but they can be. Playing fetch with a ball is perfectly fine, but letting your dog chew and gnaw on a tennis ball is not a good idea.

The fuzzy exterior of the ball is a breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria to get trapped in the fuzz. Eventually, the fuzz accumulates such debris and can become abrasive enough to wear away the enamel on your dog’s teeth. Enamel is the outer coating that protects teeth from the elements.

#3 – Small Toys and Objects

This one is a given, and yet many pet owners fall into a habit of letting their dog chew on small objects because “they do it all of the time”. We’re not here to point fingers and make anyone feel bad, but this is not recommended. Accidents do happen, and so letting your dog chew on small objects they normally mess around with should be nipped in the bud.

What Toys Are Great Chew Toys?

The Humane Society recommends:

  • Active toys
  • Distraction toys
  • Comfort toys

Active toys can be things such as balls or toys meant to be tossed and moved around. Toys that fall under the comfort category are typically soft or stuffed toys that dogs like to carry around or have with them for familiarity—every pet owner can probably think of a “favorite” toy that their dog has. Distraction toys are toys that can keep dogs entertained for a long while. Puzzle toys with treats inside are often great for keeping your dog entertained, mentally stimulated, and they get a treat for being a good boy/girl!

As a rule of thumb, hard rubber toys are often a great safe bet, as are thick rope knots.

Natural Vegan Dog Toothpaste

Your dog’s dental care is important to us! Gentle Earth’s natural dog toothpaste is designed to provide the best oral care for your dog by cleansing their teeth and gums and keeping the growth of plaque and tartar to a minimum.

The toothpaste can be used brush free, but for ease of application you can try our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes as well. If you require instructions on how to make brushing your dog’s teeth easy, we’ve got you covered!

If you have any questions about our products, contact Gentle Earth today!