Most pet owners go to their veterinarian for vaccines, heartworm prevention, tick and flea prevention, but you never hear about oral care and proactive prevention of dental and gum disease. Pet owners often ask themselves if they should brush their pet’s teeth. The answer is of course, yes! The photos above show the before and after–with the after being brushing 3x a week with Gentle Earth’s All Natural dog toothpaste.

Oral care is crucial, especially as your pet ages. However, dental procedures and surgery should be at the bottom of your list. Instead, you should be focusing on a great diet and preventive care. As a pet owner, you want to avoid expensive dental procedures and unnecessary anesthesia, but remember, sometimes this will be necessary if the teeth are already decayed.

Start brushing those teeth early, in your puppy or kittens. Just introduce the paste with your finger or a brush, and once they get familiar with its great taste, they will be ready to have their teeth brushed any time. 

Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth: Instructions for maintenance:

  • Gentle Earth Pets Natural Toothpaste is harmless and very effective
  • Brush 2-3 times a week to maintain gum and tooth health 

Now for those pets that already have heavy tartar build-up and very red gums:

  • We suggest brushing or applying the paste two times a day for 2-3 weeks 
  • Next, once a day for two weeks
  • Please apply to a dry mouth: no food or water 15 minutes before and after
    • This will allow the active ingredients in the paste to do their job 

You will soon notice the mouth is less painful, and the gums have gone from painful red to pink and healthy. 

We look forward to your feedback! Contact us today for any questions or concerns about our products. 

Happy Brushing and Smile!