Smelly dog breath is something no pet owner wants to deal with. We love our furry friends like no other, and when we want to reach down and give them a big ‘ol hug, the last thing we would want is to catch a whiff of something foul. Your dog’s oral care is incredibly important, not just for the smell of their breath, but also their physical health and wellbeing too. Oral hygiene problems in pets and people alike are the harbinger of further health problems. After a long day it’s only natural to seek out what are the most effective and convenient options to fix your dog’s bad breath. Today, we’ll be looking at oral dental sprays for dogs—or dog breath spray.

Does Dog Breath Spray Work?

Many people question if something as convenient as dog breath spray actually works for stopping your dog’s bad breath in its tracks.

The answer? Yes…kind of.

Dog breath spray does work, but the major issue with this product is that many dog breath sprays contain alcohol—some of them in far larger quantities than is recommended.

The reality is, spraying any kind of alcohol into your dog’s mouth is not going to be good for their health. While the alcohol will kill the bacteria that is causing the offensive stench, is it really worth introducing alcohol into your pet’s system?

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) seems to think not, with their stance being that under no circumstances should products containing alcohol be a part of your pet’s routine. Unlike people, who can use mouthwash and spit it out after a few swishes, your pet will simply ingest whatever substance you introduce into their mouth—which in this case is alcohol.

For this reason, there are companies that make higher quality dog oral care sprays that do not contain alcohol. These are great for dealing with bad breath but…

They don’t hit at the heart of the issue: tartar and plaque.

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Dog’s Oral Health

At Gentle Earth Pets, we strongly believe that the best way to give your pet a comprehensive oral care solution is a good ol’ fashioned brushing with dog toothpaste instead of using dog breath spray.

We’ve discussed alternatives before, such as in our post about whether you should brush your dog’s teeth or if dental chews will suffice. Alternative solutions for pet oral care have their own benefits, but ultimately brushing provides the best results.

In the case of pet oral sprays, they are effective at reducing stenches but they will not help nearly as much with reducing the source of those smells, tartar and plaque.

The bristles of a brush can get inside of the crevices and gaps between teeth and keep your pet’s gums and teeth clean so that plaque and tartar won’t have a chance to develop!

Easiest Way to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth gets a bad rap in terms of how difficult it is. With Gentle Earth Pets, brushing your dog’s teeth can be made easy with our delicious vegan dog toothpaste.

Check out our instructions page for an easy-to-follow procedure on brushing your dog’s teeth with our all natural dog toothpaste!

Verdict: Dog Breath Spray vs All-Natural Dog Toothpaste

Gentle Earth Pets all-natural dog toothpaste is a vegan dog toothpaste that is comprised of a range of holistic ingredients that will not only help take care of your beloved dog’s oral health, but also their overall health and wellbeing. We believe it to be a healthier and superior choice for dealing with bad breath instead of a dog breath spray aimed at simply suppressing the smell instead of dealing with the root cause.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our products or your order, we’d love to hear from you!