Be ready for the 4th of July; this one seems to be starting early this year!

Our Calm Treat little soft chew can be used to calm the wild beast in your little furry friend. Some pets do not do well with thunderstorms or even lightning storms. They become very upset about the electricity in the air or the loud popping noise. A similar reaction can happen with fireworks on the 4th of July. Calming your pet during fireworks can help you enjoy the holiday the most while also not having to feel guilty about upsetting your pet if you also decide to light fireworks yourself!

When things get bad and loud, we recommend doubling or tripling the dose of the chew. Additionally, we advise playing calming music like solfeggio music from Youtube. 852 hertz is best used to combat worries and fear in your pets.

Between the music and the tremendous calming effect of our delicious chewy bits, your pet should be able to rest easy. But we can’t guarantee the effect, as all pets have their own crazy level of anxiety. Some pets are beyond calming supplements and almost need a sedative to calm themselves down.

Most pets feel less fearful with our Calm Treat and some solfeggio music combined. This natural supplement contains nothing toxic to help your pet rest and feel relaxed through the upcoming rumbles and booms.

Calming Your Dog During Fireworks

Gentle Earth Pets provides supplements to help your pet with their joint health, oral health, and in this case–their mental health! Our beloved dogs are often very happy go lucky on their own, but in times of confusing distress such as when loud fireworks are going off, perhaps a little something extra is warranted. Calming your dog during fireworks displays may be as simple as providing them our calming treat which can potentially ease their worries. Our treat is also useful in scenarios where your dog feels uncomfortable, such as when going to the groomer or vet.

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